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Get to know it

My cousin I think it was who study to become a electrician or was it a plumber something like that anyway. And that is a good job to know I think so you don't need to call for one every time something needs to be done in the house. So if i had kids I would recommend them to study something practical so that they can defend them selfe but also so that they always will have a job. They could work as a electrician in sandton or something like that if they would like or somewhere else. Docent matter ...

Rent a castle on the vacation

I've been searching the internet for stuff to do on the vacation and I found something really interesting. You can rent a chateau in France. That sounds so cool! I'm really thinking of doing it actually. Me and my wife are going to stay there and it would be really nice to stay in a castle. That will be a vacation to remember! So I'm going to check the prices and how long we can stay. I think that it's going to be really great! I really hope it does anyways. 

an extra hour

I had to fill in all papers for school and also a paper about how long they stay at school after the normal hours. My kids like to play for a while on the playground at school after the normal hours of school are over. It is also good for their Swedish; the more hours they are speaking Swedish the better the devilment will be in Swedish. That is why they stay a little bit longer at school. Last year they wanted to be early at home on Friday’s so I applied not for some hours in Friday. But this ...